Border Ranges Riding Club



(affiliated with AHSA)

Our Club was form in early 2014.

Border Ranges Riding Club is a club that caters for all ages and all abilities of both horse and rider.

We are a new group who have formed to encourage all people to ride and learn to enjoy all kinds of disciplines connected with horses and riding.

We meet at the Woodenbong Showgrounds unless a trail ride has been organised for elsewhere in the area. A club calendar day is usually provided at least six months in advance

We hold varied disciplines and instructions and work towards having other events several times a year.

We aim to provide education and instruction in the correct way to look after horses and ponies and ride in a safe manner and environment.

Everyone is welcome. We have membership for both riders and social membership.

Please feel free to come along and find out what we are all about.

President : Jame Cook 

Vice President -. Steven Reid 

 Event Coordinator – Katie Grimmett

Secretary/ Treasurer -Lynne Parker P: 02 66351196 M 0412884086

Canteen Manager – Pamela Scarlett

Patrons : Danielle Mulholland, Gill Allerton, Lorraire Studdings, Ray Smith, Niel Reid, Stewart Gimmett  

12th January 2021.

Event Calendar and sign on day.



The following calendar has been prepared but could be subject to change due to unforeseen events.

Majority of weekends are the fourth weekend of the month except when it clashes with something else.


Sign on day. 27 & 28/02/2021

This has been proposed as a sleep over event. 2 days.

It is asked where at all possible would members or prospective members please complete their membership forms and payment prior to the day if possible.

This will allow you more riding time.




27th and 28th.




18th to fit in with Easter. This is the 3rd weekend of the month















26th Possibility of 25th and 26th






28th Probably the Xmas party.

The club is also open to extra days or special days for trail riding if there are enough members wanting to go.




Fees have remained the same since the club was started in 2014 and have been extremely reasonable.

The Insurance has gone from just over six hundred dollars to approximately $1495. As you can see an increase in over 50% in 7 years.

Equine Insurance related activities is one of the dearest insurances to obtain.

With this in mind the club has revised the fees at the meeting of the 11th January 2021


The new fees are.


Adult $80

Children to remain at $55

Social member $40

If joining for the last 6 months of the year. $40.

The club will also be operating under the Kids active program.

If any family wants their child to use their kids’ active voucher it will cover the fees plus any fees charged for extra coaches that may come in on a special basis.

There is a possibility that 2-day events may charge an extra fee. In the Membership package this was listed as $10. this will go towards the coaches to cover they extra time.

Social members are also entitled to vote at General meetings.



A very important point raised by Jim Cook our president at the meeting was:

Safety and wellbeing of members and visitors is a top priority for the club.

The club would like everyone to remember this point.

Please read your membership notes as everything is listed in these as well,

Thank you

Kind regards


Lynne Parker
Secretary/ Treasurer
Border Ranges Riding Club Inc.
25 Dalmorton Street
Woodenbong, NSW 2476
P: 0266351196
M: 0412884086