Woodenbong Amateur Swimming Club

Woodenbong Amateur Swimming Club
Celebrating 50 Years
Saturday 17th November 2012.


 You are most welcome to attend any or all of the following activities (please note times are approximate):

Woodenbong Pool opening 17th November 1962


You are cordially invited to attend the 50th birthday celebrations of the opening of the Woodenbong Pool to be held at the Alan Mahoney Memorial Pool, Unumgar St Woodenbong NSW on Saturday 17th November 2012.

8.45am registrations open for visitors and past members
9am    Unveiling of plaque
Invitation development carnival warm up
10am   swimming carnival to start
Lunch break- presentations of life memberships and awards, cutting of cake
Athlete talk, guest speakers
12.30   swimming carnival to resume

At the conclusion of the carnival there will be some fun activities including past members races, novelty events.

A barbecue will be operating throughout the day as well as raffles and there will be memorabilia for sale.

A marquee will be set up with adequate seating for those who want to catch up with friends but be close enough to observe the activities in the pool.

The day will conclude with a lamb/pig on a spit and light entertainment.

Accommodation is available at the Woodenbong Hotel, Woodenbong showground and Woodenbong recreation area- see woodenbong.org for further details…

RSVP to:  woodenbongasc@gmail.com  or PO box 14 Woodenbong NSW 2476 by
1st October 2012.

I look forward to seeing you there.
Jennie Riley
President WASC

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Officials 17/11/2011






Swimming Australia’s GO SWIM

A recent coup for Woodenbong Amateur Swimming Club on 11th October 2012 was a visit by Olympian and Commonwealth Games medallist, Ryan Napoleon, as part of Swimming Australia’s GO SWIM month promotion. Ryan spoke to the members about his story, preparation, nutrition and answered numerous questions. The event incorporated the regular swimming club night activities.

It was also signing up night for the new swimming season, with a number of new members enrolling. Ryan provided the highlight of the evening by swimming 100m freestyle with the A grade girls. Ryan freely gave advice and most attendees went home with autographs.

Part of the GO SWIM promotion was the encouragement of healthy eating, so swimmers enjoyed fresh fruit sticks and a nutritious barbecue.

Woodenbong Amateur Swimming Club is very grateful to Ryan, Swimming Australia, and GO SWIM for this wonderful opportunity which has taken place in the lead up to their 50th Birthday Celebrations, celebrating the opening of the Woodenbong Pool on 17th November 1962, to be held at the Alan Mahoney Memorial Pool, Unumgar St Woodenbong on 17th November 2012.