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About The Thriving Community of MuliMuli

Muli Muli Aboriginal Community is situated midway between the two villages of Woodenbong and Urbenville, approximately 6 km from either village. It has a population of around 200 of which the majority of the people who live at Mulli Mulli are of Githabul tribal descent, with most non-local Aboriginal people marrying into the Githabul tribe.

Located on a north facing hill with beautiful views from every household and good infrastructure within the community. They are proud of their traditional links and much of their traditional oral history is still alive, including aspects of the Githabul language and lifestyle.

Children attend the Woodenbong Preschool, Urbenville or Woodenbong Primary schools and the secondary department of Woodenbong Central School.  Some adults also attend adult education classes. Woodenbong Central School has one of the highest levels of Aboriginal student achievement in the state, with many students going through to year 12.

The Mulli Mul Local Aboriginal Lands Council has taken on a very important role over recent years, including overseeing a major housing rebuilding project. A new Community Hall and Medical Outpost Centre has also been built recently, and is fulfilling an important community role. The Lands Council also negotiates on behalf of the community regarding projects such as water quality upgrades and sewage disposal.

Before white settlement, semi-nomadic Aborigines from the Githabul tribe inhabited the area, living as hunter gatherers.  They were granted native title rights over some national parks with the signing of the Githabul Treaty at the Woodenbong Common in November 2007.  The Githabul Native Title was the first time in NSW that a local Aboriginal tribe was able to prove that they still openly practiced their tribal laws and ancient culture.

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